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Data Centre Electrical Installations
Communications Room Power Installation

Data Centre electrical installations and cabling, complete electrical installation services for data centres and back up equipment.
Each data cabinet, server, computer and switch will have an electrical wiring requirement to run and maintain the best performance for that equipment. Sockets will range from standard 13amp UK Plugs, to IEC connections, and 16 and 32amp commando sockets.

These sockets can then further be installed onto a single circuit or split across 3 phase circuits for redundancy and backup

Data Centre Electrical

UPS Installations

In the event of a sudden power outage in the communications room or building the UPS will maintain the equipment plugged into the UPS circuit will continue uninterrupted until power is resumed.

UPS systems are sized according to the overall load of the data centre equipment it supports and how long the client wishes to have that equipment uninterrupted in the event of a shut down. Therefore the correct expertise in specifying these units is imperative

Electrical Installation Services -UPS-INSTALLATIONS

Generator Electrical Installation

The generator acts as an extension to the UPS system and feeds continuing power to the UPS and data centre equipment in the event of an extended power outage.

Similar to a UPS, a generator needs to be specifically designed to support a certain load for a certain time and calculations are made of how long that can be supported on the fuel the generator contains, which can be replaced during the outage

Generator and UPS Maintenance

Electrical installation and maintenance can be undertaken on these systems to either support the units on an on-going basis or to amend the existing systems that are already present.

When additional equipment is added to a communications room it has the potential to exceed the UPS supported load or to be installed in a cabinet that is not part of the UPS circuit which requires and extension of the UPS electrical wiring

Electrical Installation Services -GENERATOR-AND-UPS-MAINTENANCE
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