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Electrical Relocation

Floor Boxes, Grommets and Desk Power

Electrical Relocation Services involve the movement and re-installation of electrical systems within a building. This may include relocating light fixtures, power outlets, and switchboards, as well as upgrading and reconfiguring the electrical wiring to meet the needs of the new layout

Whether the existing layout is being relocated within an under floor power system or where the electrical wiring needs to be relocated, we have the electrical expertise and experience as electrical contractors to undertake your relocation needs.

Most office layouts consist of user equipment such as computers, telephones and printers. There is then the removable furniture and electrical connections such as desks, desk power and extension leads. Finally there is the fixed electrical installation such as wall sockets, floor boxes, switches and lighting units

The relocation of data cabling, computer and desk equipment and power can also be undertaken to provide a total turnkey to your relocation needs.

Other Electrical Relocation

The addition of extra staff and desks can involve new floor boxes connecting to existing sub power or involve more involved electrical wiring to extend the existing main electrical system. The uniqueness of each project requires and in depth knowledge of not only the electrical enterprise but the experience of how to minimise your downtime in adding these extra requirements. The majority of moves and changes are undertaken out of hours and its an area we have a large experience in undertaking

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Electrical Installation Services -RELOCATION-OF-COMMUNICATION-ROOMS

Electrical Relocation for Communication Rooms

Requirements include additional electrical sockets within data cabinets, upgrade in server and equipment requirements and additional requirement for UPS protection.

As electrical contractors we have undertaken many different communication room moves and each has a bespoke requirement and undertaking. With our consultation, design and project management we ensure your move occurs with no downtime

Temporary and final electrical wiring can be used to allow a seamless switch over of electrical wiring and minimise downtime of servers and the avoidance of accidental power outage on those servers

Data Cabling Relocation, Moves, Adds and Changes

Data Cabling Relocation, Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) is a service that includes the movement, modification, or extension of data cabling systems in a building. This service is essential for businesses that are relocating, remodelling, or expanding their office space. It involves the disconnection, relocation, and reconnection of data cables and network devices to ensure the continuity of network services.

The service includes adding new cables or devices, making changes to the existing infrastructure and testing to ensure the system is working properly. It’s important to hire a professional to perform these changes to avoid any network disruption or data loss.

In association to undertaking the electrical wiring we are also able in conjunction with the electrical installation to relocate and add additional data cabling requirements.

The structured cabling could be part of the wall outlets, floor boxes, within ceilings for WIFI and CCTV. The data cabling can either be relocated or installed as new to suit the new layouts

The final patching of the desk locations and cabinets by our team ensures your systems are up and running as soon as the move is complete

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Floorbox Relocation

Office Floorbox Relocation

Floor boxes are the points created in the office floor to accommodate plug and data sockets close to desks and other work stations to provide easy access to power, data and telephone sockets. This is to minimise the potential trip hazards caused by trailing wires or cables in the work area.

When there is a need for office re-organisation, moves or changes, it often causes the requirement to provide additional floorbox locations or simply to relocate floorboxes to the new locations.

Although relocation of floorboxes is not complicated or excessively time consuming, it can cause disruption to the office routine. We are available to make all moves and changes during out of office hours to minimise disruption.

We can relocate your floorbox to the most suitable locations at a time to suit you, with little or no disruption or mess.

Electrical relocations and IT Data Cabling Relocation, Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC)

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