Are mobile signal boosters safe?

Are mobile signal boosters safe? Andover
Are mobile signal boosters safe?
Are mobile signal boosters safe?

What is a mobile signal booster?

A mobile signal booster, also known as a repeater or amplifier. Is made up of three elements, an external antenna, an amplifier, and an internal antenna. The main purpose of a signal booster is to pick up and amplify the mobile signal around your office, workstation, home, or car. A cell phone reception booster is usually a repeater system with an amplifier that adds power to the reception in multiple directions. The purpose of the external antenna is to receive signal from the cellular tower with power and sensitivity. After receiving. The signal is re broadcasted with better reception or signal. So, are mobile signal boosters safe?

Are mobile signal boosters safe?

Mobile phones have made lives a lot easier, but are they a health risk? You may have heard several opinions surrounding this subject. For example, pocketing cell phones and later health problems such as cancer, DNA Damage, and infertility. But are these just extreme cases?

Cell phone boosters keep harmful radiation away from the user. When a mobile phone has a weak signal from the cell tower it increases the power of its interior radio to struggle and uphold a constant link. The result of this is an increased production of radiation from the phone. With a signal booster the power from the cell phone antenna is reduced. Therefore, it’s an easier connection to the booster which improves the signal strength, the phone isn’t working as strongly.

Are signal boosters dangerous?

Mobile boosters, Bluetooth appliances, computers, and other devices all emit a type of radiation called non-ionising EMF. This is generally viewed as harmless. Another type of radiation is called ionising EMF. This can be found in UV (ultraviolet) rays and X-rays. This radiation can injure your cells and DNA. Other studies have been done on non-ionizing radiation; the results posed a slight risk. Some research suggests it may have measurable effects on living organisms. Its important to know that there was no conclusive evidence. This is where the uncertainty comes from, so you should always take some precautions regardless.

The energy emitted from signal boosters is much Lowe than the energy emitted from mobile phones. Repeaters or boosters use less than 10MW of electricity. In addition, the signal fades quickly as you move away from the device. A signal booster can reduce the amount of radiation from your mobile phone by providing a stronger signal. As a result, the mobile phone doesn’t need to use much energy while trying to capture the signal.

How to minimize the risk?

As the results of various studies have shown, there is no conclusive evidence on the damage caused by mobile phones, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or signal boosters. However, in extreme cases the damage is still possible. To minimize this damage, you can limit the amount you use these devices.

  • Turning your phone off at night will allow your body to recover.
  • Use cables to connect your device instead of relying on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Turn off routers and signal boosters when you’re not using them
  • Keep you phone or laptop away from your body while using it
  • Use the loudspeaker while on the phone
  • Place your signal booster in a area for maximum coverage
  • If possible, keep your device close to the booster

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