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What to consider for office relocation?

Moving to a new office brings a range of benefits, but the logistics of such a move can be difficult. The last thing that any business wants is a disruption to productivity. However, with an office move, disruption is inevitable. The transfer and re-installation of electrical devices, in particular, can cause productivity to halt. But, with careful planning, it’s possible to minimise this disruption.

What Do I Need to Do When Moving to a New Office?

It’s important to start planning early if you want your office relocation to be successful. As mentioned previously, the relocation of electrical devices should be one of your main priorities. These are the heartbeat of any modern business and are crucial for your productivity. In order to conduct a seamless relocation, make sure you practice the following:

  • Start Planning Early: Time is a valuable commodity and it’s always in short supply. Therefore, you will always need to start early with an office relocation. Allow at least three months before the move to put your plan together. This will grant you the opportunity to work out budgets, timelines and the logistics of the move.


  • Analyse Your Floorplans: It’s a good idea to obtain copies of the floorplans for your existing and future office. This will allow you to analyse how your existing electrical equipment will transfer from one office to another. Understanding your current electrical requirements, for example, such as positions and numbers of sockets is vital – you need to ensure that your new office layout can support your existing demand. Make sure this is an integral part of your planning.


  • Check Your Cabling: A new office location will almost certainly test your current cabling requirements. Not only is there the need for additional cabling to counter additional space, but it may also be time to upgrade to higher specs. Understanding the new requirements for your cabling is essential to maintain productivity. The last thing you want during an office location is a shortage of cabling, so evaluate and solve any cabling problems before the move.


  • Label Your Equipment: Nothing will slow an office relocation more than equipment which has gone missing or cannot be identified. But you can eliminate this risk with little trouble. All you need to do is create a clear and simple labelling plan. Gather, for example, all your ethernet cables in a box and label it accordingly. This approach will allow you to quickly re-install equipment once it has been transferred to your new location.


  • Floor box Relocation: The number of electrical devices used in an office have significantly increased over the last two decades. Accordingly, a suitable power solution is a necessity. One of the simplest options here is to install floorboxes. Highly versatile and capable of supporting multiple devices, floorboxes are a fantastic solution for power supplies in busy offices. Luckily, existing floorboxes can easily be transferred from one office to another. As soon as a power supply is established to a new office, it makes sense to start installing new/existing floor boxes.


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