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Commercial Electrical Services

All your electrical work requires the attention of a highly qualified and experienced company. Here at Electrical Installation Services our goal is to provide the best and most efficient service to all our clients. Furthermore, Our team are fully qualified to carry out electrical services in commercial and residential properties. With a vast amount of experience in the industry, our team can offer advice and recommendations for all types of properties.

Installation Of Electrical Equipment

To future proof your business and prevent future costs, it is crucial to get every detail right from the start. At Electrical Installation Services our team are highly trained technicians with vast experience in installation of electrical equipment. Our team will ensure all electrical equipment is installed safely and properly. Additionally, the team are able to complete all electrical services with your requirements in mind.

Panel Upgrades

When undergoing renovations or adding to your business or home, panel upgrades are often required. Upgrading your panel is dangerous work, this type of work should be completed by a professional with experience and knowledge on how to correctly install the panel. In addition, the new wiring  must meet building regulations and not cause a hazardous situation in the future. Our team, have experience in upgrading electrical panels to suit the high-power requirements of your building.

Panel Change Outs

Commonly, buildings will need the electrical panel change out at least once. This it to either keep up with current safety regulations, update outdated equipment or to provide additional power to the building. As previously mentioned, this work should only be completed by a fully qualified individual with experience in the industry. Failure to complete this work correctly can lead to catastrophic accidents such as fires, or death.

Electrical Relocation

Most building refurbishments will require electrical relocation to supply power to new additions and to ensure you have a safe power supply to your existing appliances. Refurbishments such as extensions will also need electrical relocations to allow you to connect the lighting, electronics, and any other appliances you may have. All this type of work must be completed while adhering to safety guidelines. Lastly, improper rewires will not be covered by your insurance company.

Upgrade to Existing Electrical systems

Renovating an old building will commonly require an upgrade to existing electric systems. Old or outdated systems, breaker boxes wiring, and electrical panels can lead to a fire or serious injury. Our team at Electrical Installation Services, are highly experienced with qualifications enabling them to work in various buildings. When it comes to electrics, its better to be safe than sorry. You must entrust this work on companies that can guarantee you peace of mind.

For all your electrical needs, contact our team for free advice and quotes.

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