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When are Emergency Electrical Services Required?

Electrical issues certainly aren’t an uncommon occurrence, yet if they range in some of the categories below they could pose a greater risk to you and your staff’s health and safety.

However, determining what constitutes an emergency may be difficult for those who have less experience with electrical inspections. Therefore, let us take you through a few instances where you must call for emergency electrical assistance.

Fire or Visible Sparks

If a fire starts, 999 should be your immediate port of call to help slow the spread. Yet if there is smoking or minor sparking from your outlets, it is highly advisable to call your trusted electrician to rectify the issue. The problem will only deteriorate and without correction could turn into a more dangerous hazard or fire

Another sign of swift electrical action is when you have black marks around your electrical sockets. Either a piece of equipment has blown without the socket or the socket has faults on it. Either way, the socket, and overall electrical circuit should be tested and analysed. These investigations will highlight any deeper problems. However, should all test OK, the socket can still be changed for a new model and a safer solution.

Emergency Electrical Power Outage

It’s never a pleasant experience when the power within your building goes out. However, it should be treated as potentially hazardous, particularly if no neighbouring buildings are affected. In this instance, the problem is more than likely within your own space. Ensure that you contact your emergency electrical engineer to help isolate the potential problem that is within your building.

Hopefully, the issue will be something simple and return you to work swiftly. However, an electrical call out will give you peace of mind that your system is OK and won’t readily fail again soon

Water in the Wires

When buildings flood or face plumbing issues, water often has the potential to infiltrate wiring systems. If your wiring has come into contact or is about to come into contact with water, call an emergency electrical engineer. In specific dangerous situations, calling 999 might be the prudent call to be safe. This will of course depend on the severity of the water infiltration.

Furthermore, remember that even if the water is not visible there is a likelihood that it has still travelled down cavity walls or through false floors. Both of these areas can be populated with a lot of electrical wiring. If in doubt always have the electrical wiring checked to be sure

Electrical Wiring Exposure

If you can spot wires that have become exposed from their casing, immediately contact an emergency electrician. Exposed wires could often be live wires, which if they are not properly insulated can present an extreme health and safety hazard.

A broken socket is also something that requires a swift solution. They can deteriorate quickly and then become exposed to electrical shock.

Lastly, maintain a regular visible inspection of your appliances. Because appliances are used often and moved around a lot, the wires that feed them are susceptible to damage. If you spot a plug with a frayed wire or part of the cable is damaged, the appliance should be replaced.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) should be part of your maintenance plan. This testing will highlight any faulty appliances or leads before they have the potential to cause a hazard.  

You can read a further article on What is a PAT Test here

Emergency Electrical Summary

It’s crucial to take electrical issues seriously due to the huge risk factors they can impose. We hope that our guide has educated you on the severity of these issues and helped you determine whether your building requires emergency electrical services. However, in the event you think that your electrical issues will cause harm to you or others imminently, please contact 999 before an electrician.

Also, check that you have a documented electrical maintenance plan. Scheduled testing for your circuits, fuse boards and appliances all help prevent a hazard that quickly causes an emergency

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