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Electrical Relocation for your Office

All businesses strive to grow, but this rate of growth can be unpredictable. And this can be a major influence on the office space you require. Your existing premises may be adequate in the current landscape, but winning a new contract could change that overnight. Relocating your premises may become a major priority to house extra staff and resources. This may be considered a good problem to have, but the logistics of an office relocation can be complex. And this is never truer than with your electrical equipment. So what is involved with an electrical relocation?

Relocating Office Electrics & Cabling

When you are in the process of relocating your office there is a lot to consider. But one of the most important aspects to consider is your electrics. After all, a modern office is built upon electricity. Lighting, IT systems and heating are just a handful of the essential elements that an office needs. And they all require electricity. This is why it’s essential that your electrics and cabling are planned with precision and effectiveness in mind. Otherwise your relocation could soon turn into a disaster.

Electrical Relocation – What Should You Consider?

The monumental task of completing an electrical relocation requires a lot of thought, so it’s important that you start with most important aspects. The three most vital areas of electrics within a modern office are:

  • Office Power and Data: The backbone of your day-to-day office operations will be powered by electricity. Without a power supply you simply won’t be able to operate as a business. Your productivity and competitiveness will instantly nosedive. And this isn’t even acceptable in the short term e.g. a two-day move period. It’s crucial that a power supply is made available all throughout the relocation process to preserve your integrity and ensure that data flows can be maintained.
  • Under Floor Power: One of the most aesthetically pleasing and effective electrical solutions comes in the form of under floor power. It’s a popular solution for new premises and is in sharp contrast to traditional solutions. Instead of running cabling systems along the floor, under floor power involves installing all cabling underneath an office floor. Not only does this minimise the messy appearance of wires, but it allows you to be more flexible with where power points are installed.
  • Communication Room and UPS: All of your businesses digital network and communication devices will be located in a dedicated communications room. And it’s where all internal cabling will stem from. Accordingly, a high quality electrical supply is an absolute necessity here. Most importantly, you need to install an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). A UPS device delivers battery backup when power supplies are uninterrupted or power faults are detected.

Completing an Electrical Relocation


An electrical relocation is an essential factor of any office move, but it’s not one that can be taken lightly. The complex nature of electrical systems means that a professional hand is required. There are numerous electrical regulations which must be adhered to in order for your office to be safe and productive. The expertise which an experienced installation team has at their disposal also guarantees a hassle-free solution which will go to plan.

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