What is a soundproof server cabinet?

What is a soundproof server cabinet?


What is a soundproof server cabinet? (Also known as a soundproof data cabinet or an acoustic cabinet). It’s a cabinet specifically designed to host and minimise noise created by IT equipment. The hum created by IT equipment can increase stress or decrease productivity. The server cabinet allow you to reduce the sound by 15DB up to 31DB. Soundproof data cabinets are a great solution if you’re unable to have a dedicated communications room. Due to the size, these cabinets are great for any environment, for example,

  • Open-plan offices
  • Retail
  • IT suites in education
  • Training rooms
  • Conference rooms /Boardrooms

Construction of Soundproof server cabinets

Soundproof server cabinets come in a wide range of styles; however, the fundamental construction of the interior is the same in all cabinets. The cabinets are fitted with multilayer composite foam which can reduce noise levels by up to -31DB.

Soundproof server cabinet cooling

Passive cooling – Cabinets with a passive cooling system are designed to rely on the fans of the IT equipment. By using the temperature differential between the internal cabinet space and the room, ambient air is drawn from the front of the cabinet and flows over the equipment. The airflow is then expelled via the rear of the cabinet. Generally, a passive cooling system will allow up to 2.75kw of heat removal. This type of cooling system is suitable for network switches and a UPS that is no more than 1,700 watts in cumulative power consumption.

 Active cooling – Acoustic cabinets with a active cooling system are fitted with variable speed fans on the rear door. These fans allow the cabinet to cope with higher heat loads in an efficient way. Furthermore, active cooling systems allow up to 12kw of heat removal. Active cooling cabinets are ideal for IT equipment with a heat output 1,700wats and above.

As previously advised, the cabinets are available in a range of styles. The cabinets are available in metal or a wooden finish. In addition, they can either be wall mounted or floor standard.

Advantages of a server cabinet

Space  –  The cabinet means you do not need a dedicated communications room. Thus, allowing you to use the space for something else.

Cost –  In comparison to building a dedicated comms room, purchasing a acoustic cabinet is a much cheaper option. Building a comms room might require engineers or electricians depending on the layout of the office. Besides, within a comms you will need to install a standard acoustic cabinet anyway.

Easy setup – Soundproof server cabinets arrive fully assembled, allowing you to get set up quickly. If the cabinets are delivered with load bearing castors you will be able to easily relocate in future office moves, even if their filled with equipment.

Productivity – A continuous humming sound can increase stress levels for your employees, decrease productivity and inevitably affect performances. In addition, the continuous humming can also affect profit in retail as it will limit the amount of time customers stay in your shop.

Protect your equipment – An acoustic cabinet can protect your expensive servers, network switches, UPS, and any other equipment. With a cleverly designed cooling system the cabinet can maintain the required heat output which will decrease the chances of your equipment overheating.


When it comes to choosing the correct cabinet for your business there are several factors to take into consideration. In this article we have discussed topics to get you started. If you have any further questions or wish to discuss the available options our experienced team is available to assist you in your decision.

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