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When it comes to working with electrical wiring – it can certainly be a dangerous job. Without the utmost precision in terms of safety and precautionary measures, this field could present a worrying level of injuries. However, our team consists of expertly trained electricians who have prior training and experience. Furthermore, safely installing, repairing, and servicing electrical wiring across a range of commercial venues. Thus, the worry is out of your hands.

However, if you are experiencing concerns in your home or business about the proficiency of your electrical wiring, here are some expert tips that could save you from injury.

Electrical Safety Warning Signs

  1. Constantly tripping breakers and fuses
  2. Electrical sockets that are hot or burnt
  3. A smell of melting plastic
  4. Electrical sparks
  5. Electrical buzzing sounds
  6. Lights that flicker or constantly dim

If you experience any of the above warning signs then you should call us or an accredited electrician to fault find and safely update your electrical wiring

Some additional considerations for electrical safety when you experience these warning signs include

Never Touch Open Wiring

If renovations or damage have left exposed wiring in your building, you must contact a licensed electrician or company. Thus, someone who can provide immediate assistance to resolve the potential problem. The whole time that exposed wiring is left, is a chance for an electrical shock

If you are experiencing unease in the wiring, it is recommended that you shut off the power temporarily within the affected area until a professional is present. With our team available all year round, it’s our priority to assess any issues and constructively help you. 

The Dangers of Sparks or Heat

If you happen upon a light switch or power socket that is producing an excess of heat, this could signal either faulty installation or a short within the wiring system. Both of which could be equally dangerous. That socket should be turned off and covered where possible until an electrical safety check can be made

Damaged Sockets

Electrical sockets that have burn marks or have a plastic odour may have already experienced an electrical fault. They should not be used for any reason. The socket will need to be removed and replaced. Furthermore, the electrical wiring feeding the sockets will need to be checked and tested. The damage to the socket may have been caused by a faulty appliance. However, it may also be the result of a fault on the main electrical wiring. Thus, both should be checked

Faulty Lighting

Faulty lighting can be more of a hindrance than an electrical safety issue. However, when left too long it can lead to larger problems. The problem may just be a replacement bulb or fitting. However, if left you could end up with no lighting in an instant. Thus, causing an operational outage as well as unease among your workforce.

Therefore, it is better to test and rectify at once to avoid these hazards and operational problems

It is crucial to contact a professional who can help resolve these issues before they present the grave issue of fire hazards. If your building has these concerns, our specialist team is on hand for commercial buildings across the South of the UK to assist

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