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What is a Commercial Electrician?


Generally, there are three main types of electrical installation.

  1. Residential Installations
  2. Commercial Installations
  3. Industrial Installations

A large portion of the actual electrical work for each is similar. However, the expertise and experience for installation for each area are different. A lot of the differences come down to know how to design for each area and the best way to schedule and plan accordingly for your environment. In this article, we will focus on the commercial environment. So what is a Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician will focus as it states on commercial projects. That’s not to say the other installation types are not also undertaken. However, their expertise will be in the commercial space. At EIS we are primarily a commercial electrical installation company with some focus on industrial installations. Rarely do we undertake residential projects unless they are of a newer build and therefore more commercially based.

What you need to know when hiring a Commercial Electrician 

Hiring a commercial electrician can be confusing, especially if you have never hired one before. You want to make sure you are entrusting your electrical work to a competent, qualified professional. If you are wondering what you need to know when hiring a commercial electrician, we can help.

When hiring a commercial electrician, you will want to consider the following:

Experience. How many years of professional work experience does the commercial electrician have? The more years of professional electrician experience they have, the more confident that they will complete a job properly and efficiently.

Work ethic. You will want to get a sense of the commercial electrician’s work ethic. An electrician with strong work ethics won’t cut corners.

Works well under pressure. Any good electrician knows there can be times they need to think on their feet, so they must work well under pressure. You can ask a prospective commercial electrician about their previous work history, and even examples of how they handled situations when things didn’t go as planned.

It is perfectly acceptable to ask for references when looking for a commercial electrician. 

What is a commercial electrician scope of projects?

Commercial projects can vary widely just like all industries. However, the main areas of commercial electrical installations are as follows

  1. Offices
  2. Hotels and Hospitality
  3. Data Centres
  4. Retail
  5. Education and Schools
  6. Warehouses (sometimes commercial and industrial)
  7. Gyms
  8. Museums

In summary, a commercial installation is for the majority of commercial clients. Industrial projects will be more towards large-scale plants, generators, and building environment systems. Residential is of course the home market whether it be individual homes or apartments

What is a commercial electrician range of expertise?

In the commercial space, there are a few important areas of expertise and experience. They are generally based on knowing how to support your company in designing and installing for your current situation and attending to your future requirements. You may be moving to a new empty office. By contrast, you may be installing into a live office with employees that need to continue to work.

As a commercial electrical installer, we like to investigate the following on commercial installations

  1. What are your current requirements, and what will it support, to begin with
  2. What future plans does your company have and what can we allow for
  3. When schedule do you need to work to and any completion targets
  4. Which employees require to remain operational during works
  5. What are the restrictions on noise and how can we accommodate those
  6. How can we schedule the works to avoid any downtime for your business

The questions above are those that are primarily only found in commercial electrical installations. In residential projects, the home is usually empty or you only have one family to consider. In industrial projects, they are usually part of a larger building and the buildings are not occupied. Therefore, commercial projects are largely a planning and customer-facing process. Hence, why you should employ a commercial-minded electrical company.

What is a Commercial Electrician Summary

As stated above, commercial projects are largely based on the correct design and planning. Not only with regard to the actual electrical wiring but also planning around your actual business and operations

To ensure your company runs efficiently during these installations, ensure you have an expert in this space. Therefore, your initial installation will support your current needs and also avoid any shocks in your future growth

Our project team is here to assist in initial advice. Furthermore, we are happy to arrange a free survey to discuss your requirements and provide a project plan and quotation

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