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Gaining Insightful Perspective Into The Significance of a UPS Environment

Having a standby UPS is an important part for all businesses to avoid losing important data. Furthermore, ensure a vital base-of-operations. This includes bundles of networks, telecommunication systems, varieties of services, servers, and processes. The protection is from poor quality and unreliable power supply. The climates condition of different companies can affect design also. Therefore, this article explores uninterruptible power supplies UK regions.

Most often, businesses interested in a new UPS system consider the expenses and what the products have to offer. For example, they are most certainly to check its 

  1. Durability
  2. Reliability of the kind of battery
  3. Its life span
  4. The quantity of energy it supplies 
  5. The quality of energy it supplies. 

Realistically speaking, the aforementioned process is crucial in the selection of a standard UPS. However, they may not be sufficient enough. The conditions of the environment upon which the UPS will be installed may jeopardize the effectiveness of the system. Therefore, to enjoy the optimum performance of the system; critical examination should be given to the environmental factors; such as:

  1.  Temperature
  2. Humidity
  3. Dust
  4.  Coastal environment/wetlands

Of course, in most situations, you would try and house all technology and the supporting UPS in a climate-controlled room. A room such as a communications room or main server room. 

The next best option is one that is housed in a climate-controlled open office space. 

However, not all companies have the size or location to achieve this and their technology and UPS are therefore open to the surrounding elements. 

For the sake of simplicity, we shall analyse individually the major points to understand the effects of the UPS environment on its performance.


As one of the major determinants, the level of temperature has a direct effect on all batteries. This is including Uninterruptible Power Supplies UK based or worldwide. Most UPS batteries are built to function without any glitch in temperatures between 20-25°C. Furthermore, without taking a toll on the battery lifespan. Nevertheless, heat is a killer of all UPS batteries. 

A slight increase in the level of temperature over 22°C can shorten the lifespan of the battery by half while the system performance increases. The more the temperature rises, the more the battery suffers. For instance, at 30°C the battery lifespan would have decreased by 66%. On the other hand, a lower temperature increases battery lifespan but reduces system performance. In nutshell, the relationship between the temperature level and UPS battery life span is positive.


High temperatures and humidity go hand in hand. Once the temperature is skyrocketing, humidity will increase covers the environment. Furthermore, if water vapour accidentally finds its way into the UPS system, the UPS board may damage beyond repair. Also, at worst it could cause a fire outbreak.

 According to a reliable source, relative humidity of less than 90% won’t cause any issue with the latest UPS systems. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to check the specific or suitable environment recommended for a UPS.

If checking it seems like rocket science, our team of professional engineers at Electrical Installation Services will help you check the suitability and reliability of the environment. Of course, we can also help in recommending the correct UPS for your business needs.


While this might seems insignificant, it can completely damage a UPS system. As you may have noticed, your PC’s manual came with an instruction that you should regularly clean your PC. Generally this would be the dirt/dust filter with a lint-free cloth. Furthermore, employ a can of compressed air to remove dust/dirt/hair which can block the PC’s cooling system. Dust and dirt blockage can lead to overheating. Therefore, slowly damaging the machine. 

Similarly, the UPS system requires thorough maintenance and cleaning to remove any form of dust. Thus, avoiding debris that may later block the cooling system. Therefore, resulting in overheating and damages.


Having a business near the coast environment may sound interesting. However, if care is not taken, the environment may render a quality UPS system useless. This may sound strange as the UPS won’t be placed outside anyway. However, if you recall what you were taught in your 7th-grade physics; you will be convinced that the salty sea air may just be enough to finish off your UPS’s internal circuits

Therefore, always seek assistance when planning for an environment with a salty air quality

Now that we’re on the clear, do you think your business’s performance could skyrocket with the use of Uninterruptible Power Supplies UK, South, or London?

Do you have concerns the environment isn’t suitable? 

You’ll do well by getting in touch with our project team today to discuss the best options. We offer free advice and assistance on different specifications (both old and newer versions) of UPS installations. Our professional suggestion meets your demands. Our tech-savvy teams are available at your disposal to work with you. Therefore, to have a better insight into the environment in which the UPS will be situated to enhance your business operations.

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