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Signs you Need an Electrical Repair

Have you recently been experiencing some unusual changes in your electrical system? Whilst this could easily be a glitch, if the issue is repeated and begins to generate more issues, it is highly probable that your system requires attention and possibly an electrical repair.

However, if you are uncertain as to what pertains to repeated issues, here are some common signs that may help guide you.

Blown fuses

Blown fuses are undeniably common within homes and commercial buildings. This is often resolved by an electrical investigation of your breaker box. However, if this is occurring regularly, you may require an electrician to perform a full electrical test on your panel. The testing will highlight any issues and the remedial plan will get everything back up to an optimal standard.

Lighting issues

Lighting issues are often caused by an overloaded circuit. Furthermore, repeated and problematic lighting issues can include flickering and unusually dimmed bulbs, even following a bulb change. This may mean that your circuit requires repairing from a trusted electrician.

Also, over time it is hard to notice when the effectiveness of your lighting has dropped. Especially in an office situation, this can affect the effectiveness of your team. Thus, by maintaining your lighting systems you can ensure the lighting levels and working environment are at their peak.

Electrical buzzing and sounds

Have you heard a subtle yet constant buzzing in your building? This is likely from your electrical system and is a warning sign that it requires attention from an electrician. Often buzzing is a result of loose wiring in your circuit box or overheated cover plates. Both can present a later danger if left unresolved.

The noise can also be due to a faulty piece of electrical equipment or light fitting. Whenever you hear an unusual sound with regards to your electrical systems, it is always important to get it checked

Loose power outlets

If your power outlets are loose, this could be a sign of a poor or loose connection which can grow into a dangerous hazard if not addressed in time. Loose power outlets will open, and become further damaged with each use. Therefore, electrical repair is a necessity to avoid further dangerous situations.

Damaged appliance electrical repair

Portable Appliance Testing or PAT testing is the process of regularly testing any appliance in a commercial space that can be moved. The frequency of the testing depends on your situation and can be revied in detail on the HSE website 

PAT testing moveable appliances will highlight any faulty units. Furthermore, it will highlight any faulty leads that supply power to those units. Therefore, the testing highlights what items need replacing before they potentially cause a hazard

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Summary – Electrical Repair and Maintenance

When electrical problems arise, such as those above, then a swift electrical repair should be booked as soon as possible. However, the best strategy with an electrical installation is to highlight any problems in your electrical installation before it occurs and causes danger or damage to your building.

Therefore, a maintenance strategy of regular checks should be part of your regular maintenance. This can include testing of the permanent electrical wiring and the portable appliance testing as previously mentioned

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We hope that our guide has provided you with good insight to help you establish any potential necessities for electrical repair within your building. If you feel as if your business requires attention, don’t attempt to resolve them on your own unless you are a licensed professional electrician. Sometimes calling for an electrical engineer is the safest and most efficient way to resolve issues.

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