What are CPR regulations for data cables?

What are CPR Regulations?
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CPR stands for Construction Product Regulations. All construction and building cables manufactured post July 1st, 2017, are subject to the CPR Regulations. Furthermore, any products on the market prior to this date can still be sold and supplied without the orientation to CPR. CPR regulations use a rating system from A to F. The cables are rated on their smoke, flammable droplets, and acidity.

The aim of a CPR regulations is to create a universal production standard, a common language across Europe. In addition, it also helps buyers make informed decisions. While CPR regulations are mandatory in Europe, the minimum requirement may vary for each country. For this reason, some countries have adopted a minimum rating, and some have adopted a risk assessment method. Countries such as the United Kingdom have a minimum rating but recommend higher ratings for all.


Complying with Construction Product Regulations is mandatory and can have implications within the supply chain. Although, most of the responsibility falls on importers, distributors, and manufacturers. The installer still has some accountability. For this reason, its important to educate yourself on these regulations to protect your business.


The testing must be completed by a laboratory or a body. Additionally, the labs are expensive and require monitoring from a supervisory body.

Heat release and flame spread are tested in accordance with EN 60332-1-2 (small scale) and EN 50399 (large scale) burn to test. Furthermore, there are additional tests for the standards of smoke opacity, droplets during combustion, and acidity of smoke. Ratings E and F are required to have the burn to test and for the higher ratings, smoke and toxicity are measured.


The cable rating is based on the use of Euroclass specifications. It’s a uniform assessment rating that reflects the real-life environment of construction products. Once a product has completed the laboratory test, manufacturers receive documentation of observance with the valid euro class rating. Lastly, the class is then used in labelling.

Relevant Euroclass for CPR Ratings
Euroclass Level Description Environments
B2ca Very High fire protection (self-extinguishing) High density of people or individuals with limited mobility

(Fire exits in public building, Airports and Hospitals)

Cca High Fire protection (self-extinguishing) Medium density of people

(Public buildings, schools, hotels, and office buildings)

Dca Moderate Fire Protection (Limited emissions) In some regions this is used a minimum cable requirement.
Eca Basic Fire Protection In some regions this is used a minimum cable requirement.


EN50575:2014 clearly defines the labelling requirements for CPR complaint products, regardless of Euroclass. The labelling should be placed on the packaging or drum of cable. In addition, the following must be included, Euroclass, DoP Reference Number, The CE mark, and assessment scheme including the body that completed the testing.

What is CPR Compliance?

CE labels are the quickest way to identify if a cable meets regulations. These labels are an indication that the product has been assessed by the manufacturer and meet the EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements. CE marking is already listed as a legal requirement, in addition, the marking now requires additional information to help identify cable classification.

Benefits of CPR Regulations for data cables

Construction Product Regulations have created a higher level of protection for the installation process and for the end user. National requirements are now regulated and not just a recommendation. In the event that, a non-compliant product is detected, the national authorities may enforce the withdrawal of that product.

Consumers of construction products can now better define their performance requirements. This is because, manufacturers are fully liable for the performance of their product. In the performance declaration (which is a legally binding document), the manufacturer assumes full responsibility for the performance of their product. Non compliance can lead to catastrophic consequences for the manufacturer.

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