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Electrical repairs

If you need commercial or residential electrical repairs in Birmingham, London, and South of England. You don’t need to look any further than Electrical Installation Services. Over the years we’ve built a reputation with our loyal customers for top quality electrical work, fair pricing, and the utmost standards in safety practices. As licensed and insured electrical professionals, our fully qualified team strives for 100% customer satisfaction. Furthermore, all our engineers only work with the safest and most updated technology in the electrical industry. With vast experience in the industry, our engineers are very knowledgeable with the ability to meet your requirements while adhering to safety regulations. So, if you need electrical repairs in Birmingham, London, and South of England. Electrical Installation Services are here to help.

Safety Regulations

Many people will try to cut corners by either doing electrical work themselves or by hiring an under qualified engineer because it’s cheaper. Although this may give you the immediate satisfaction because you’ve saved money, the consequences could be fatal. As we’re all aware, faulty, or poorly installed electrical system can lead to injuries, fires, and death.  For this reason, safety regulations must be followed to ensure safety of the employees and public.

For your electrical repairs in Birmingham, London, and South of England. Our team at Electrical Installation Services can guarantee you peace of mind. Equally important, with regular training and all the correct certification, our team complete all work to meet UK safety regulations. As a result, work completed by Electrical Installation Services will save you money and headaches in the future.

EICR test & PAT Tests

As a property owner its crucial for you to maintain the safety of your property’s fixed wiring. Here at Electrical Installation Services, our team is fully qualified to complete an Electrical Installation Conditioning Report (EICR). In addition, if the report highlights any faults, our team can assist you with repairing any issues to ensure your building meets safety regulations.

As a business owner the safety of your appliances is your responsibility. To keep your employees and members of the public safe, you must conduct regular Portable Appliance Tests (PAT Test). A PAT test will highlight any faulty equipment. Lastly, equipment that fails the test must be unplugged and can not be used. Our team at Electrical Installation Services are fully qualified to perform PAT Test to help protect your business.

Generators, UPS Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

For our commercial clients who reply on generators or UPS systems for back up and occasional power, its critical for you to have a contractor that is trained in the maintenance of generators and UPS systems. Notably, UPS units require regular maintenance to sustain the life span and to ensure it works if your building had a power cut.

Our team at Electrical Installation Services, have a vast amount of experience in dealing with generators and UPS units of all sizes. Furthermore, with years of dealing with commercial UPS units, our team can assist you in the maintenance, repair, and replacement of your current system.


Due to countless advantages LED lights have over traditional lights. With this in mind, a lot of business owners are upgrading the lights in their buildings. LED lights are considered to be the eco friendly solution for your buildings lighting. Additionally, over the last few years the cost of LED lights and installations has gone down drastically. Electrical Installation Services are here to offer advice and assist you with replacing traditional lights to LED lights. Below is a list of some advantages LED’s have over traditional lights:

  • Durability
  • Cost effective
  • Decreased fire risk
  • Eco Friendly
  • Health benefits

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