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3 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your UPS System

Guaranteeing your business has a trusted UPS system can be essential to keep optimal day-to-day procedures. Therefore, maintenance of UPS systems is an important part of your strategy

When you are making plans for electrical systems, you should consider what preventative actions can be carried out to recognize, repair, and also inevitably reduce possible downtime. The implementation of a UPS system is one such consideration.

Preventative maintenance (PM) should be arranged routinely to optimally keep your UPS systems running. Whether that’s at an information centre, workplace, or hefty industry setting.

Here are our leading ideas to extend the life of your UPS through maintenance of UPS Systems

1. Think about the operating environment

Instability in temperature level is a typical cause of UPS failures. Many lead-acid batteries are developed to run within certain temperature arrays.

The optimum operating setting temperature level is 20-25 ℃ for batteries. Furthermore, the failure rate rises by as much as 50% with every 10 ℃ adjustment.

Regular cleansing of servers, buttons, UPS systems, and cooling equipment is required to keep ample airflow. Furthermore, it helps to stop overheating by enabling cool air to distribute with the system.

A build-up of dirt can obstruct air passages. Therefore, think about the environment of the building to establish whether specialist cleaning companies are needed. Furthermore, exactly how a typical cleaning requirement is to be carried out. By carrying out cleaning of air passages, you can boost the time between potential failings and expand the life of UPS systems.

2. Carry out surveillance as well as a management system.

Set up monitoring systems that function to reduce downtime by notifying the user of prospective problems. Problems such as power failures, drop-outs, and surges. Thus, by foreseeing the problems and avoiding them, downtime is avoided, saving time, operations, and financial problems.

Monitoring systems can be part of the overall building management system (BMS). In this regards the maintenance of UPS systems can be monitored in the same package as all your other services.

However, the monitoring can be undertaken through a stand-alone package just for the UPS.

The main thing is that the systems the UPS supports are monitored and potential problems are cured before they cause problems

3. Schedule preventative maintenance (PM).

Having a preventative upkeep strategy to carry out maintenance of UPS systems is another important part of the overall strategy

Inspections for the operation of the systems and highlight remedial works and replacement of parts. Parts such as AC/DC Capacitors, fans, and also batteries.

Keeping the system running operationally minimises downtime as well as keeps up the overall wellness of UPS systems.

Planned upkeep is significantly different from unintended works. Unintended works are often done in emergency circumstances when systems stop working. This is in contrast to taking measures to stop the system from failing.

Preventative maintenance of UPS systems can lengthen the life by 20-50% over a life-span

Therefore, not only impacting the total operating of a system but creating financial savings for the organization.

If your organization could gain from the maintenance of UPS systems or an upgrade get in touch. We can talk you through a refresh or upgrade to a more suitable system and maintenance plan.

We fully recognize that various clients have different upkeep demands. Our modular system permits you to pick and choose the choices you require. Therefore, ensuring you obtain an economical as well as optimized UPS maintenance contract that matches your specific requirements.

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