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What do I need to look for in a commercial electrician near me? 

We will cover the basics of what you will want to consider when hiring a commercial electrician.

It is important to be discerning when hiring a commercial electrician. Not all electricians are qualified to complete commercial electrical jobs.

If you are looking for a commercial electrician, then our team is here to provide you with professional services. When hiring a commercial electrician, you will need to look for:

Professional training.

The importance here is to find a commercial electrician that has been correctly trained to undertake commercial electrical work.

If the electrician is mainly focused on residential work and lacks experience with commercial work, they may not understand your requirements.

Commercial work is much more complex and requires unique expertise and training. Furthermore, in commercial settings, there are considerations for so many systems to be linked together. Having experience in an overall commercial environment is important in this regard.

Qualified experience

A commercial electrician with more experience can be the difference between a job well done and a job that can cause you future headaches. Especially if it needs repairs.

The biggest difference between a residential installation and a commercial electrical installation is the regularity of the changes within a commercial building.

Houses often will have the correct amount of electrical wiring for those specific rooms. Very rarely do they require any additional electrical wiring. This only occurs when the room is changed for that purpose.

However in a commercial setting, electrical wiring, data cabling, audiovisual, and all elements of technology can change often. For example, desk layouts can move. Departments are re-organised, and new staff is to be occupied in existing space. All these changes require changes to the electrical wiring. The experience of planning for the future as well as the present is therefore important

Electrical installation insurance

A qualified commercial electrician will need to have the correct liability protection and insurance. By its very nature, electrical work is dangerous. As we all know is it dangerous on a personal level. However, it is also dangerous to the fabric of your building if not correctly installed.

Therefore, be sure to hire a commercial electrician with the correct insurances. These should cover commercial eventualities in the case of any unfortunate accidents. Furthermore, by having the correct insurances in place your electrical company will be showing you they have experience in the commercial industry

Continual education. 

A good commercial electrician or electrical company will educate their employees continually. Electrical work is constantly changing with modern upgrades and regulations, so make sure the commercial electrician you hire is always well-versed on the most modern tools and methods.

About us as a Commercial Electrical Company

We provide a range of electrical installations and projects. Our team consists of several electrical experts with over 20 years of electrical experience. Furthermore, we can cover a wide range of commercial electrical installation requirements

Commercial Electrical Installation Projects have previously included include Schools, Commercial Offices, Warehouses, and Retail Space. Our expertise and experience gives customers peace of mind that a suitable, competitive, and professional installation will be provided with consistency

Our electrical installations are fully accredited to the newest 18th edition Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671

Therefore, with correct qualifications and ongoing training, you can ensure that your electrical installation complies with the newest and ongoing electrical wiring standards. Furthermore, giving you clarity of mind that your installation will be in full compliance with all electricity at work regulations and consideration taken for health and safety regulations.

Our Commerciual Clients

We have an extensive range of experience and client base in the commercial electrical sector.

A selection of our previous commercial clients can be viewed on our Client Case Study Page Here

When considering the options of a commercial electrician near me, give us a call and a chance to show you what we can do

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