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A Guide to AV Cabling at Home

Home AV Installation

A home AV installation can revolutionise the way you enjoy music, films and gaming. The equipment and component options available are plentiful, but it’s crucial that you concentrate on quality. AV cabling, in particular, can make a significant difference. Therefore, you are going to want the very best AV cables for your systems. But where do you get started?

What do AV Cables Do?

An AV cable is, quite simply, an Audio and Video cable. These cables are used to connect different pieces of audio-visual equipment together e.g. an amplifier to a speaker. A traditional AV cable, for example, may have three individual cables (Red, White and Yellow) that all carry signals for, respectively, audio right, audio left and video. These cables carry their respective signals from one device to another in order to provide a seamless entertainment experience.

What Types of AV Cabling Are There?

There are a wide range of AV cables available with the most common ones being:

  • Composite: Still in use today, composite cables have been in use for decades. Using the red, white and yellow cables to carry signals, composite signals provide a simple AV solution. However, they are unable to carry HD signals and are only found on older equipment.
  • DVI: Capable of converting analogue signals into digital ones, DVI cables can support both formats. Therefore, it’s possible to transmit a signal from an older piece of AV equipment to a HDTV or DVD player.
  • Coaxial: Another traditional form of cabling, coaxial cable can handle many different types of signals and can handle bandwidths of up to 2Ghz. This is on a par with many modern data cables and marks coaxial out as highly versatile.
  • HDMI: The most recent addition to the world of AV cables and perhaps the most powerful, HDMI is the definition of versatile. Designed to carry HD audio and visual, HDMI cables can send up to 5 Gbps of information.

What is The Best Cable for AV?

There is no universal cable which will do everything that a home AV installation needs. It’s a common misconception that HDMI is superior to all other cables, it’s not. HDMI should certainly be an integral part of your cabling system, but it needs to be complemented with other AV cables. Accordingly, you need to invest in a selection of cables.

Composite video cables may only cater to older equipment, but many people still use their DVD players and, believe it or not, a few still hold on to their VHS machines. Naturally, composite video cables will only be needed for legacy devices; more modern equipment will require different cables.

Is HDMI Better Than AV Cable?

HDMI cables, of course, are the most recognisable modern AV cable. And they are the perfect option when it comes to connecting HD input devices to HD output devices. An essential part of any modern AV system, you will need to invest in gold plated HDMI cables to minimise resistance and signal interference. And, if you need to connect a computer monitor into your AV system it pays to use DVI cables for high signal quality and convenience.

When it comes to audio then you can still use HDMI cables across a wide range of products e.g. connecting a TV to a sound bar. But specialist speakers, such as those connected to a turntable, may need more traditional cables. In these scenarios it’s important to look at both stereo component cables (Red and White connectors) as well as coaxial digital S/PDIF cables. Both of these will deliver high quality audio and complete your system.

Commercial AV Design & Installation

In the world of Commercial Audio Visual solutions, where cutting-edge technology can create seamless experiences, our team of specialists design, install, and support state-of-the-art AV systems that elevate business communication to new heights.
With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for detail, we tailor each solution to suit customer needs.
From boardrooms and conference centres to retail spaces and entertainment venues, we create truly immersive environments that leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Our technicians guarantee flawless installation, optimising every component for peak performance. and our support team is always just a call away, ready to assist with any issues that may arise.

If you would like to know more about Commercial AV Installations then just drop a line or give us a call.

For more information on AV installations please visit our Audio Visual Installation page.

Find out how AV technology can support the growth of your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call  020 3912 6200

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